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  • Desire for a single concrete next step.
  • Consensus on focusing on improving gender diversity.
  • The first step is establishing baseline data on gender 
  • Key questions:
    • who collects
    • where stored (assume LF)
    • who can analyze
    • data retention period
  • Efforts to improve diversity needn't be gated on the baseline concluding
  • Future steps should include establishing a goal for gender diversity
  • Additional data may be interesting during the baseline effort
    • Attrition viz. inclusivity
  • Tools for collection
    • Possible Gates: LFID, GitHub
  • We could get started on a survey
  • How often? Proposed annually.
    • Hyperledger has an annual election (which is a sort of secondary measure which is annual).
    • A direct survey could be ran annually.
    • Best practice is to triangulate on 3 sources (e.g. annual election, survey, and <?>)

Action items

  • David Boswell to invite an LF (HR/Legal) representative to help answer the 4 key questions above.