There was an article about eThaler in Forbes.

eThaler is a PoC. Just an experiment. Obviously our volunteer group does not have any standing with the Fed nor any government. The whole point of eThaler is to explore the process of modeling a CBDC using a token standard (TTF) and implementing on a blockchain system.

We have chosen Besu and will implement on a private testnet. There is nothing that tethers (sic) us to Ethereum. This is best for a quick PoC.

This native token on one blockchain will be used to bridge to an value exchange system(possibly on another Blockchain) for DvP.

eThaler implementation will also model roles.

There will be a graduated series of steps for this and we are completely open source. We will continuously publish our findings and work through any problems.

We are also completely open to participate since Hyperledger is an open community.

Of course we are selective only in terms of ability and willingness to collaborate and contribute.

Our lab is under hyperledger labs, here is a link

The initial information can be found in the in the lab link.

As more resources and artifacts get created they will be open sourced and added to the site.

Token Taxonomy Framework in Github

Hyperledger Besu Github

EIP 1155

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