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For a visual guide

If you go into a specific chat channel directly, without logging in, you will see a spinner that will not resolve. Please follow the steps below:

  1. You need to have a Linux foundation ID
  2. Go to 
  3. It will show you the general channel, click on general
  4. Go to the bottom of the general channel and it will show a link (sign in to start talking)
  5. Click on that link you will be prompted for your LFID and password (you can also setup your LFID from here)
  6. Then you click on the capital markets sig link and it will take you right there (
  7. If you are already logged into chat then you can directly click on the link above and it will take you there.
  8. In both cases (6. and 7.) it will ask whether you want to join the capital-markets-sig and you choose to join the channel
  9. If you are logged in to Rocketchat you can also search for capital-markets-sig and do the same thing as in point number 8.
  10. You can also add it to your favorites if you have many channels open 

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  1. I am unable to get onto rocket chat using the links, I have tried web and desktop versions

  2. Hi Kirthi K , it might be that your company is blocking the website, have you tried at home? It might also be better to set up the LFID first separately. You can do that at (here are some instructions), then once you have confirmed that ID with your email, go to to login and find the Capital Markets SIG in the search or with this link (

  3. Vipin, thanks for documenting this.  I copied it over to the main Chat Channel wiki page so people outside of the CMSIG can come across this information too.

  4. Added visual guide.