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When: May 5th, 10:00 am EDT(14:00 UTC)

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Attendees (15)

Vipin Bharathan

mani pillai

Kirthi K

@Jake Hartley

@Brett Winch

Anurag Dashputre

Elena Treshcheva

Karen Ottoni

Criss Didier

Kumaravel N

Marc Liberati

Paulo Jacinto Rodrigues

Tom Hickman

@shinzu satou

Boulevard Aladetoyinbo

Daniela Barbosa

Main Event

Fnality Towards a wholesale payment system

By Brett Winch & Jake Hartley

Fnality International

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by listening to presentation on the transformation of the wholesale payment system using dlts.

The Hyperledger Capital markets SIG is delighted to have Brett Winch & Jake Hartley speak on the Fnality project. Starting with roots in USC (Universal Settlement Coin) an early settlement coin idea they will cover an overview of Fnality and Fnality Global Payments, the rationale for a novel distributed financial market infrastructure, the technical design principles and decisions (including the use of Hyperledger Besu) to reach the goal of more efficient wholesale payments. The benefits to the participants from the use of Fnality.




Questions (answered in the presentation)

Paulo Rodrigues : Would you say that you are a natural evolution to RTGS systems?
Mani Pillai : How will Fnality work with CBDCs particularly wholesale
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : Is Fnality best leveraged as a payment system or as a settlement system?...any chance at disrupting SWIFT gpi substantiallly?...
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : What about policy and regulation?...
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo : How's Fnality taking care of AML/KYC-CFT privacy concerns?...
Mani Pillai: asked about security & privacy.

Some follow on questions about the threat from wholesale CBDCs.

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