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When: February 10th, 10:00 am EST(15:00 UTC)

Discuss: (this page)

Main Event:

Decentralized Clearing:  dFMI To Ease The Woes Of Robinhood  

Mani Pillai  CEO otc.Digital


Vipin Bharathan Principal

Presenting an overview of today's clearing solutions. How volatility and settlement delay contribute to friction and inefficiencies in the market, disadvantaging retail investors. The Robinhood GME saga is used to illustrate the weaknesses. How dFMI (decentralized Financial Market Infrastructure) can solve the problem. Towards a 24/7 market and the case for ad-hoc settlement. otc.Digital will also talk about the dFMI solution they are working on.

Attendees (16 at one point)

Vipin Bharathan

mani pillai

Karen Ottoni

Boulevard Aladetoyinbo

Video: This one is a little spotty...


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