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When: January 27th, 10:00 am EST(15:00 UTC)


Video Recording


Main Event Is a presentation by Stephen Phillips, VP of

Rapid growth in stablecoins, evidenced by USDC’s recent 900% increase in market capitalization to 5 Billion USD as one example, is set to transform the future of money and global payments. CBDCs and stable coins represent new digital fiat infrastructure capable of transforming global economies via more accessible, real-time digital payments and settlement infrastructure. We will discuss the critical issues and lessons learned for establishing digital fiat currencies with a future outlook for capitalizing on new opportunities with digital money.

Attendees (16)

mani pillai

Vipin Bharathan

Karen Ottoni

Kirthi K

@David Hochhauser

Daniel Schwartz

@Stephen Phillips


@Christopher Burnett

@Christopher Kelley

Elena Treshcheva

@Bradley M

Kamlesh Nagware

Tom Hickman


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