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When:  January 13th, 10:00 am EST(15:00 UTC)

Attendees: (16)

Vipin Bharathan

Sara Garifullina

Zilya Yagafarova

Makoto Takemiya

mani pillai

@Kamlesh Nagware


Anurag Dashputre  

Chris Spillman

Tom Menner

Karen Ottoni

Didier Criss

Daniel Schwartz


@Tom Hickman

@Imre Kocsis

Main event:

A presentation on Bakong: The Cambodian Digital Currency based on HL Iroha: See case study 


Zilya Yagafarova is a project manager at SORAMITSU. She has more than 11 years of industrial experience in IT companies and Financial Institutions. Before joining SORAMITSU, Zilya worked at Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia. She graduated from MSIT-SE program at Innopolis University.

Sara Garifullina is a communications manager at SORAMITSU. She has been helping to maintain HL Iroha for more than 2 years. 


Makoto Takemiya is the CEO and Co-Founder of SORAMITSU. Before founding SORAMITSU, he worked as a research engineer at ATR's Department of Neuroinformatics. Additionally, he has helped on other blockchain projects in the past.

For the Bakong Platform any or all of these topics may be covered

  • General description of platform including members and participants . 
  • Issuance and due diligence of Bakong.
  • How can Bakong be used in payments.
  • Anonymity and privacy in Bakong
  • Peer to peer retail transactions are allowed?
  • How can upgrades be performed?
  • Interaction with existing payment rails, fungibility?
  • Observed velocity of money, future plans

Sara G. said: you can also check some of the promotional videos for Bakong on NBC (National Bank of Cambodia) YouTube, they are great:




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