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  • Tom McGrath discussed biochar as a solution for all 3: improving soil quality, water quality, and reusing waste.  Organic waste is 70%+ of volume in some countries and 40%+ of landfill volume in the US, so reusing it would have significant benefits.  
  • Kamlesh discussed the Plastic Bank and their model of paying for collection of recycled plastic bottles and then sending them to corporate users committed to using recycled material in their supply chain.  
  • We will research these use cases further to see if we could develop a solution.



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  1. Si Chen do you already have an agenda in mind?

    1. Thanks for reminding me.  I'd like us to talk a bit about the IBM Call for Code and will post this on their slack channel as well.

  2. Robin Klemens Si Chen Can I join this? Do I need any permission or sort of acceptance before joining?

    1. Harsh Khilawala YES! All our meetings are open to everybody and we're looking forward to welcoming you to our next call on Monday.