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As part of the normal cycle of co-chairs, the beginning of 2021 marks the time to change the SIG chairs. Both Martin Wainsteinand Tom Baumann, the 2020 founding chairs, will step down in order to give space to new community members to help drive the SIG forward. 

We intend to define new chairs via an open nomination process, using this page for nominees to show their intent and coordinate the governance process forward. If we have more than 2 nominees, then the SIG will organize a simple voting process to define the selection. If only 2 nominees are presented then they will become the new chair once the process ends at the end of February.

Selection process start date: February 1

Selection process end date: March 2

2021 Chair Nominees

(write your name below as nominee)

Sherwood Moore Linkedin

Robin Klemens  LinkedIn <>

Peter Clarke LinkedIn 

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