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In today's Peer Programming call we discussed the following:

Using Trust ID to store security credentials for the utility emissions channel.  Robin Klemensgave us a demo of the progress so far.  David Thomson has made a repository at  The goal is to have private keys stored in wallets and public keys stored on the ledger.

Using the Capital Markets SIG's eThaler's central bank digital currency (CBDC) issuance feature for net emissions tokens.  This is a very interesting project and offers a lot of potential for more sophisticated networks of climate accounting and linking climate to finance.  This would involve connecting Fabric with Besu/Ethereum.  We're going to look into using Cactus for this.  

Business models discussions from the Open Climate Collabathon last week.  See the Business Models list from the collabathon.  Martin Wainstein talked about the Open Solar and Raise Green for funding solar development.  If you have other business model or product ideas, please comment below, and we'll add you to the list as well.


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