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On today's call Christopher Gabrielpresented a demo of his app which is used to record LNG cargo purchases and vessel charter.

Chris then showed us his carbon-blockchain github repository, and we discussed implementing a complete Hyperledger Fabric ledger app with a REST api interfaces for UI.  We would register the admin user with the ledger and then separately use the admin user to register additional users.

We discussed the Utility Emissions Channel use case.  How many channels would there ultimately be?  

Our decision for now is to have a separate channel for each domain, so for example there would be a utility data channel, an air travel data channel, and so forth.  

Chris will develop a basic REST interface and UI where a utility could write its carbon emissions to a ledger.  We would then be able to implement customer UI which could use the customer's utility bill ID to access the data and obtain the customer's emissions data.

Chris also shared this video for Hyperledger Fabric Certificate Authority on Kubernetes.

One interesting question was where to store the data to comply with GDPR.  Chris's suggestion is that the client application, let's say a mobile app, would supply the user's location to the Fabric network, and the network would determine the data storage servers' location based on the client's location.

Chris will be comitting to his repository, and in two weeks we will review it together.

Video recording of today's call below.  Note that the recording is black after Chris stopped sharing his screen.

Carbon Accounting WG Peer Programming 2020-09-14.mp4

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