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Agenda: Discussing hlf-operator as a subproject within Hyperledger Bevel.


Roy, Sownak
Arun .S.M.
Sasan, Jagpreet Singh
Sarkar, Suvajit

Discussion items and pointers:

  • hlf-operator project is fine with it becoming a subproject within HL Bevel, as long as it can work towards its own roadmap and improvements
  • Bevel v1.0 plan to host de-facto helm charts for blockchain platforms and have operators as subproject starting with hlf-operator
  • Bevel will continue to have its flux helm operator for now, but might plan to revisit and makes changes around it once more platform operators are integrated/added
  • As per the last discussion between hlf-operator and fabric-operator maintainers, fabric-operator project is willing to collaborate but don’t have dedicated people for collaboration/merging discussions and activities   
  • hlf-operator to be renamed as bevel-fabric-operator
  • Joint effort is required to understand how hlf-operator fabric charts would be merged with bevel fabric helm charts, so that as per the proposed flow the operator uses bevel helm charts
  • Certificates and credential storage and usage in hlf-operator needs to relooked to make it compatible with bevel code / charts
  • hlf-operator will have sprint and other project ceremonies combined with bevel ceremonies, but will maintain a separate project board and repository

Action items:

dviejo to list gaps and feature differences between fabric-operator, which would useful in documentation and further discussion on working towards single operator
dviejo to work on architecture diagram for hlf-operator