This is a template that can be used by the community to propose a new feature for Hyperledger Besu. 
If you have an idea for a feature that you would like to discuss with other contributors prior to formally proposing, the #besu-contributors channel of the Hyperledger Chat is the best place to start.

Feature Name 

Feature Overview(2-3 sentences): 

This feature is …. provide a short, high-level description of the feature


  • Why do we want to build this feature? 
  • Who are the target users/customers? 
  • What use cases does this feature enable/facilitate?

Potential Risks / Rabbit Holes: 

  • What are things that could go wrong when building this feature? What should we be cautious about?

Out of scope:

  • What are things that are explicitly not  in scope for the feature, or for its first version?

Longer description: 

Go crazy here! This section should thoroughly describe the feature in as much or little detail as is available. Feel free to link out to other resources, include screenshots, code snippets, etc.

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