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Instructions to join the EIP-1559 testnet for the first time. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select an EIP-1559 capable Ethereum Client, the current available clients are:
    1. Hyperledger Besu on master branch
    2. Nethermind on eip1559 branch
    3. Geth (soon) on 1559_test_fixCalcBaseFee branch 
  2. Download the genesis file depending on the client selected at step 1
    1. Hyperledger Besu genesis
    2. Other clients TBA
  3. Download the config file template depending on the client selected at step 1
    1. Hyperledger Besu sample config file
  4. (Optional) Add information to be listed in the block explorer (ask for credentials in the #1559-fee-market Discord server)
  5. Run the Ethereum Client with the proper configuration.
    You will likely need to manually add peers (Besu instructions) to connect to. Here is a list of nodes that are running on the testnet: 



Interacting with the testnet 

Since wallet providers don't support yet EIP-1559 style transactions, we have implemented a toolbox to interact with the testnet. It provides the following features:

  • A form UI to send both legacy and 1559-style transactions to the testnet;
  • A form UI to query the testnet's `BASE FEE`;
  • Links to the testnet block explorer & ethstats page;
  • Links to the EIP-1559 specupdates;

The tool can also be installed locally. The instructions are available here.

Warning: Use only test private keys when interacting with the testnet!