Code review guidelines for Besu developers

All changes must be code reviewed. For non-approvers this is obvious, since you can't commit anyway. But even for approvers, we want all changes to get at least one review, preferably (for non-trivial changes obligatorily) from someone who knows the areas the change touches. For non-trivial changes we may want two reviewers. The primary reviewer will make this decision and nominate a second reviewer, if needed. Except for trivial changes, PRs should not be committed until relevant parties (e.g. owners of the subsystem affected by the PR) have had a reasonable chance to look at PR in their local business hours.

Most PRs will find reviewers organically. If an approver intends to be the primary reviewer of a PR they should set themselves as the assignee on GitHub and say so in a reply to the PR. Only the primary approver of a change should actually do the merge, except in rare cases (e.g. they are unavailable in a reasonable timeframe).

If a PR has gone 2 work days without an approver emerging, please ask on Besu's Discord.


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