public interface BesuContext

Allows plugins to access Besu services.

Method Summary

Modifier and TypeMethodDescription
<T extends BesuService>
getService​(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType)

Get the requested service, if it is available.

Method Details

  • getService

    <T extends BesuService> java.util.Optional<T> getService​(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType) Get the requested service, if it is available. There are a number of reasons that a service may not be available:
    • The service may not have started yet. Most services are not available before the BesuPlugin.start() method is called
    • The service is not supported by this version of Besu
    • The service may not be applicable to the current configuration. For example some services may only be available when a proof of authority network is in use

    Since plugins are automatically loaded, unless the user has specifically requested functionality provided by the plugin, no error should be raised if required services are unavailable.

    Type Parameters: T - the service type Parameters: serviceType - the class defining the requested service. Returns: an optional containing the instance of the requested service, or empty if the service is unavailable

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