Attendees: Gary Schulte Frank Li Sally MacFarlane Justin Florentine Danno Ferrin Diego L.L. Ry Jones Daniela Barbosa Lucas Saldanha Tim Beiko

Incentive Program: Tim wasn't on call at first so had to delay agenda item until later.

Metrics: Reviewed Analytics to LFX and Besu. Action: Review issues at next meeting to see if open issue count continues to increase.

Roadmap: Sally update to include upgrading privacy feature to full feature. Sally's team is spending time on mainnet work such as tracing apis. Danno's team is adding new features into the roadmap as well. Action: Danno to add in work to Roadmap wiki page.

Incentive Program:

Team discussed the Proposal #3 and #3.5. Danno was concerned that proposal #3 doesn't account for new organizations well. Tim provided feedback that this agreement will be with ConsenSys, Hyperledger, and Ethereum Foundation. Other organizations can be considered to be added in the future, but not within this agreement. These guidelines will help provide organizations transparency around the future 

Guiding Principles: Grace provided a high-level overview of the principles in proposal 3. There seemed to be general agreement once organizations in agreement were agreed upon (see bullet above). 

Transaction Fees: Grace provided a high level overview of transaction fees. There seemed to be general agreement on distribution of transaction fees. Ask is for Hyperledger to confirm if they can provide staff to manage the maintainer list. 

Withdrawal Keys: Grace provided a high level overview of withdrawal keys overview. Danno raised a concern that organizations won't be as incentivized to join later in the program. Tim shared that he is willing to consider maintainer status counted from when the maintainer begins receiving the transaction fees. With that suggestion, there did not seem to be any other objections to Withdrawal keys.

Team discussed next steps outlined below. Target is to have these unanswered questions resolved by the next contributor call on Feb. 15th. Grace called out that this agreement will have to go through legal processes by the respective organizations. 

Next Steps re Incentive Program:

  1. Tim to write up the organization requirements for future organizations.
  2. Hyperledger (Daniela) to come back on on these open questions:
    1. Can Hyperledger hold the withdrawal keys and hold crypto
    2. Can they hold the funds from the transaction fees and distribute them to participating maintainers’ organizations
    3. Can Hyperledger commit to using the funds solely for Besu mainnet work
    4. Can Hyperledger assign someone on staff as a Besu community manager to help manage the maintainer list, scope out bounties, manage the program from their side

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