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    • added notes about hyperledger developer newsletter 
    • Future of Ethereum Summit last Friday - lots of recorded talks
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    • 20.10.0-RC 2 last week - 21 October
    • 20.10.0 FCS next week 3/4 November
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Ethereum Hard Forks.  Who, What, When, Where, How, Why

Berlin EIPs

Current Berlin EIPs

  • EVM Subroutines (EIP-2315)
  • BLS12 precompile contracts (EIP-2537)
  • Access List Account Access (EIP-2929)

to run Yolo v2 with 

`docker run hyperledger/besu:develop --Xberlin-enabled=true --network=yolo_v2 --sync-mode=full`

Possible Berlin EIPs

EIP-2146 - Precpompile static call cost (mooted by EIP-2929)
EIP-2565 - ModEXP Repricing
EIP-2718 - Transaction enveloping
EIP-2930 - access list in TX envelope

What does a consensus bug look like?

  • we get a block rejected log line
  • 3 apis to help us look: `debug_getBadBlocks`, `debug_standardTraceBlockToFile`, `debug_standardTraceBadBlockToFile`
  • EF has nodes set up to try and detect bad blocks and automate information gathering for the client teams.
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