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Video - - Password: SP&5L@e7

HL Performance Meetup. -

ETC update

  • had some 51% attacks in AUG
  • Looking to go to SHA3 Proof of work
    • A PR will be forthcoming
  • Looking at checkpointing systems
  • Looking at improving Mining support
  • ETC Co-Op's infrastructure is Besu only.
  • Looking at Treasury system
  • Currently at 5% share
  • Q: Which checkpointing proposal
  • Possibly freezing DAG size
  • ECIP repo -
  • ETC Cooperative Discord -

Bonsai Tries

  • Danno should make a wiki page describing this

Open Forum

  • Policy on Maintainer Reachability?
    • Hartman, 2nd in command in Linux had a talk on this 
    • Contact Addresses?
    • Socialize Expectations?

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