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  • No known conferences
  • Releases
    • 1.4.6 released
    • 1.5 RC in 10 days
      • Longer release cycle because it's a single dot release
      • more fast sync stats
    • Post 1.5 release process proposal
      • previously we didn't do full mainnet syncs
      • biweekly syncs don't need to be mainnet, move these to testnet syncs
      • Run nightly nodes on mainnet
      • Quarterly releases would be gated on mainnet
  • Work Updates
    • Ethereum Classic
      • Synced with classic mainnet
      • Forkid changes worked
      • no clarity on post phoenix
    • mainnet
      • YOLO ephemiral testnet
      • Berlin, no dates on forks.
  • Other Business
  • Open Forum?