Meeting Video: <TBD>


General Announcements

Release updates

  • 1.4 - beta
    • Bug found on deployment with Difficulty overflowing a long
  • 1.4 - beta 2 (
    • Released just before the call with bugfix
  • No changes to the rest of the 1.4 release schedule as a result of the out-of-cycle release

Work Updates

  • Providing a LATEST  tarball for automation of a test host running the master release against mainnet
    • Generally seen as a good idea
    • the PR process is where we will see any other objections to this from maintainers not on this call

Other Business

  • ETC Update
    • Work to start on the next hard fork, planned for early March
    • It is predominantly an Istanbul remix
  • EEA Testnet
    • It has been running for about a week
    • We are in the planning stages of ensuring and configuring Besu for compatibility
  • Zoom links
    • It is preferred to use the link in the calendar as the source of truth

Open Forum

  • Open Contributor Questions?

Future Topics