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General Announcements

Release Updates


  • EthDenver
  • EthCC
  • Global Forum


  • The current plan is the one discussed on last call, with 1.4 beta releases
  • 1.40 targeted at 27 Feb 2020

Work updates:

  • ETH Classic fork sometime next week, make sure to upgrade to latest version of Besu if running a classic node
  • Caliper’s updates coming starting tomorrow

Other Business:

  • Besu Consensus Failure: Full post mortem found on the Besu wiki
  • Parity Attack: 
    • Valid block header, yet invalid block values in body that didn’t match the headers
    • Parity was caching the block and therefore wouldn’t accept valid versions of the block
    • Besu and Geth weren’t affected by this attack
  • Muir hard fork went pretty well

Open Forum: