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Meeting Video: GMT20191210-010347_Besu-Contr_1432x894.mp4


General Announcements

Release Updates

  • 1.3.6
  • Discussed 1.4 beta release proposal
    • Beta vs rc?
    • HLP Release Taxonomy
    • Branches for 1.3 maintenance if needed and 1.4 for 1.4.0
    • Master for 1.3.7, 1.4 beta, and 1.4.1
    • rc 13 Feb 2020, full release on 27 Feb 2020
    • 1.3.8 becomes 1.4.0-beta 15 Jan 2020
    • Beta 2 if needed on 29 Jan
    • 1.4-RC on 13 Feb 2020
    • 1.40 targeted at 27 Feb 2020
    • Build version becomes 1.4.0-beta-SNAPSHOT right after 1.3.7 release

Work Updates

  • Change Log
    • Only include PRs that have useful changes rather than a line for each PR
    • Either
      • Add a CHANGELOG section to each PR
      • Use a wiki page.
    • Can we keep the changelog in the wiki and not keep it in the codebase?
    • Why not have updating the change log as part of the PR?
      • There will always be merge conflicts
    • Whatever change happens will require an adjustment of habits.
    • Proposal: Make an actual change to the PR as part of the log
      • Standalone commit
      • Or as part of the changes
    • We will try this for the next release or so.
      • Someone will need to review and ensure this is being practiced.
      • Add to contributor guidelines 
  • Custom RPC endpoints plugin service

Other Business

  • Edward Mack as Maintainer.
  • CI/CD
    • Jenkins is dead.
    • Circle CI for everything.
    • It has the most scope for being faster compared to all other CI systems we have looked at
    • Working on posting build failures to rocket chat
    • All infrastructure and tooling is on HLP owned/operated
    • Zero servers owned by ConsenSys

Open Forum

Next Meeting - 7 Jan 2020 - EMEA/AMER time

Action Items

 - Madeline to update contributor guidelines to reflect Change Log and communicate.