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Conferences announcements

Release Announcements
  (short discussion about difficulty bomb)

Work Updates

  • Eth Classic
  • Changelog changes
    • The goal is to make the changelog more comprehensive and to remove minor changes.
    • When you submit a PR you will be responsible for adding what should go in the changelog, or if nothing should go in the changelog.
  • Caliper Support
    • Danno is working on adding besu support

Meeting Times

  • Rotation proposal 2 or 3 time
    • It's easier with 2 times, harder with three times, to point out details.
    • 3 times make it more logistically difficult
    • 7 Jan call will be EMEA/AMER time


  • Jenkins fully dropped, 100% CircleCI now

CDO instructions article posted.

Grid Demo

  • by Phillipp Langhans from Ethereum Foundation
  • Very comphrensive overview of Grid
  • Extensible to other clients

Open Forum

  • none

Future Topics

  • You can always add a topic to the agenda via the wiki.