Video of call: GMT20191112-010416_Besu-Contr.m4a

Adrian Conducting

Events roundup

  • EthWaterloo
    Tim was there, PegaSys posted a bounty that was successfully claimed
  • Eth Denver, EthCC, and HL Global Forum upcoming
    HLGF notifications come out Wednesday

Release updates

  • Discussed 1.3.3, 1.3.4
  • Recapped the 1.4 

Work Updates

  • ETC support
    • Chainsafe has a side fork already syncing to chain head
    • Rest of the PRs are currently coming in.

Other Business

  • CI/CD
    • Circle CI is now/will be the system publishing artifacts.
    • Circle CI is HLP managed.
  • DCO Discussion
  • Design Document for Switchable Consensus Parameters
    • One Reason: may want to change validators
      • because you forked a chain and left a consortia
      • because you lost validator key

Open Forum

  • Still working on Active approval process
    • Waiting on one TSC committee to review Proposal.