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General Announcements

  • Reviewed Devcon / etc summit presence
  • promoted forum in March

Release updates

  • 1.3 released
  • 1.3.1 this week
    • Arash says it will be an interim release for bugs.

Work Updates

  • Ethereum Classic Support (Greg)
    • Greg was not on the call
    • Adrian talked about their fork in the chainsafeth org
      • They appear to be working on a fork,  Adrian would prefer to have smaller PRs

Q from Cam asking for machine specs on clique nodes,

Other Business

  • New Maintainer Proposal - Ivaylo (Voting closes 18 Oct, Lucas) 
    • significant contributions to the privacy code
    • Discussed two week window and how it helps provide at least one call to discuss the new maintainer.
  • Active Status (Grace?) 
    • 111 external contributions outside of PegaSys (6 week old number)
    • No TSC meeting this thursday, we will go next thursday or the week after depending on agenda.
    • TSC is already reviewing, has some comments already.
  • Discussion on Ethereum Foundation Grid integration (Felipe)
    • desktop software with one click interfae to choose client and download and install it.
    • There is a dev use case potential for local nodes.
    • Started as pantheon integration, went to besu integrations later
    • Artemis not integrated, we may want to start (out of scope, not a besu)
    • Perhaps they should demo in the next meeting. (Danno/Felipe)
    • This is not Hyperledger Grid, different project.

Open Forum

  • Call for open questions.  No takers.

Future Topics

  • Request for presentation topics
    • Ethereum Grid.
    • To make a requet add a comment to the wiki for a future agenda page or edit the future agenda