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EMEA friendly time




  • General Introduction
  • Antitrust Notice
  • General Announcements (Danno)
  • Release updates (Danno)
    • 1.2.4 released - testnet block numbers are baked in
    • 1.3-RC released on 2019/10/29
    • 1.3 should be released this week
  • Work updates
    • Ethereum Classic (Greg): 
      • Chugging along, fully understanding the codebase before going through it
      • Working on toggles and how to configure options
      • They have a fork on
        • No PR yet
      • Updated wiki with block numbers
      • Of the opinion that ETC needs another stable client for the network
      • CLI naming convention: classic.json
      • ETC testnets: 
        • Will support Kotti, no support for Morden
        • only variations of different json files
    • Istanbul Hard Fork
      • Some miner hiccups in Ropsten, but otherwise fine
      • Next; Goerli end of October, Rinkeby 2 weeks later
  • Other Business
    • CI issues
      • LGTM fixes needed (not urgent)
    • Long form presentations:
      • 2 types of valuable presentations (Tim)
        • High level feature overview
        • Lower stack subjects
      • How/when to decide subjects?
        • Proposed subjects posted in agenda ~1 week before the call
        • Possibility of taking a presentation subjects during previous call
    • Two new Github repos
      • Mac Homebrew support
      • Smart Contract
    • Collaboration patterns
      • Maintainer guidelines will be posted in the wiki
      • Discussions should be open in rocket chat
      • Response times will be discussed
      • Gitter/Rocket chat migration discussed
  • Open Forum (Danno)
    • Storage options
      • Follow-up on RAM requirements; curious about when moving away from RocksDB will be possible? (Antony)
      • Plugin mechanism with ability to specify key/value storage provider
        • Possibility to plug into Redis/LevelDB/etc
      • Currently, RocksDB still seems best option performance wise
    • Chat question: have you talked about hard fork in IBFT2.0? (@eum602)
      • Not supported yet, but has been talked about
  • Future Topics
    • Plugin mechanism
    • Next meeting: on October 15th GMT 1h00