• Description: answer any questions for on boarding Besu
  • 4. What other tools/actions am I missing to make sure we're onboarded on appropriately and can quickly move to Active status

Discussion items


CI Tools
  • I know our team has been involved in the discussions in the RocketChat channel. I think they have further questions.

Repo Switch

We are targeting having our final Pantheon release on our September 10th repo, and we then need the new Besu repo set up prior to the 1.3 Release Candidate scheduled for September 25th.

RocketChat / Mailing list best practices

Mailing list; Distribute Release updates/notes, send schedule/invite for maintainer meeting and notes

Community Calendar - Post our Maintainer meeting invite there

One maintainer meeting and one application developer meeting 

Send welcome email to community once repo is  up

What other tools/actions am I missing to make sure we're onboarded on appropriately and can quickly move to Active statusGrace Hartley

Members for Security list David Huseby

Security Audit?

Documentation - > Overview page on wiki

GitHub team managementRy Jones

Action items

  • Grace HartleyI need two volunteer email addresses to add to the team. It's a very light traffic list but each team is expected to contribute a primary and secondary volunteer who can handle helping triage incoming security issues with all projects and can also help resolve any incoming security issues on Besu.
  • Grace Hartley If Besu is looking at going to active status ASAP, then we need to kick off a security audit of the code base. I am in the process of refreshing our vendors for security audits and would like somebody on the Besu team to help me write a proposal to send out to a few vendors for bids.

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  1. David Huseby Responses below: 

    1. Our security reps will be They'd like to have (their team's address) as the contact email if possible, but understand if you want to use their names.

    2. I'll run point on the security audit proposal. I'll loop in some folks from our side as needed, but actually this week I became the point person for all of our security audits. Our team was actually discussing a broader security audit ourselves over the coming months. Looking forward to further understanding your processes around it and the vendors you prefer. Might be worth scheduling a quick meeting in the next week about this topic.