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Thank You HYPERLEDGER for sponsoring the venue for this event!

There are several Sponsorship Opportunities still available for interested community members looking to help spread the word about their involvement in the Aries community.
Organizations that generously offer to help support this event have our gratitude and that of the workshop attendees!
In addition, sponsors get:

  • The company name and logo on a banner of conference sponsors that will stay up throughout the entire event.
  •  Acknowledgment on the conference program/agenda handout.
  • The company name and logo across all digital materials (Meetup pages)

Estimated Prices (based on per person in attendance: estimate 30-50 people)

  • Breakfast
    $10 per person
    Estimated total based on 40 people: $400 
  • Lunch
    $20 per person
    Estimated total based on 40 people: $800 

Please contact Helen Garneau with questions

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