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5minAntitrust Policy

5minIntroduction from people new to the call 


We discussed the Provenance project, Vipin and Marc explained thoroughly the google doc regarding the different sections. Iurii offered to share their work at Soramitsu on the Provenance use case. A page was created on the wiki for this purpose, to share resources between the two groups regarding this use case. The goal is to create Smart Contract templates and the SC working group can start working on them after the Provenance use case takes its final form. Sofia asked about the legal aspects of the case and Vipin proposed to keep it as simple as possible in the beginning in order to be able to run it on several frameworks and get performance results. So another goal is to make the templates generic, in order to enable their development on different frameworks. 

We also discussed the Taxonomy work product and agreed to send it to the TSC for a review. Iurii said he will make some changes and Sofia said she will send it for review after they have been committed to the mind map.

A short presentation of other working products was carried in case someone was interested to work on them. 

The Performance and Smart Contracts working group agreed to stay in touch to work on their common project.

10minAny subject not on the agenda

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