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  1. Meeting opened with reading the linux anti-trust statement
  2. New members
    1. Shalendra
    2. Based out of Singapore
    3. Working on projects for Crypto Exchanges
    4. Joining the group for knowledge exchange
  3. Update on future presentations;  (11'0'')
    1. Will is meeting with Standard Chartered tomorrow (3rd April) to speak about a possible presentation
    2. WeTrade is being pursued throught the Hyperledger foundation [after the meeting - contact now made with WeTrade and a presentation is being organised]
    3. Hyperledger Fabric Roadmap - at the recent Hyperledger SIG chairs meeting there was a request for the quarterly reports.  These reports are used by Hyperledger to help drive the product direction and present an opportunity for the SIGs to have input into that.  Will is drafting the Trade Finance quarterly report now and will share on the email list to gain input from the group.
    4. Clearmatics Ion interoperability framework.  This will be presented next meeting (16th April)
  4. Survey (12'39")
    1. Andy Graham has drafted a survey with input from Bobbi Muscara and Edmund To
    2. The target timetable is;
      1. Complete this week
      2. Launch week beginning 8th April
      3. Reminder to complete at the meeting on 16th April
      4. Results to the 30th April meeting or possibly after
    3. Bobbi asked for a double check on using SurveyMonkey
  5. First Quarter Overview for Hyperledger 2019 Bobbi Muscara(16'00").
    1. Check the video here of Bobbi presenting and talking through; <link to be added>
    2. The presentation was created by David Boswell and can be used at a meetup or seminar
    3. Presentation starts at 20'19"
    4. Hyperledger was launched three years ago
      1. 126 commits to Github
      2. 6 tools and 6 frameworks
      3. 2 in production (about to be 3)
      4. 11 working groups
      5. 165 meetups
      6. 56,000 participants
    5. Approach is modular and has a green house approach
    6. Each framework supports a different need
    7. Global forum.
      1. Presentations are on the Youtube Channel
    8. Framework and Tool overview (32'27")
      1. The Hyperledger Project.  6 Frameworks
        1. Fabric.  Fabric has a modular approach with plug-and-play consensus mechanisms.  It has the most developers working on it and has the most projects both in pilot and production.  The blockchain itself is written in GoLang.  The chain code can be written in Go, JavaScript or Java. The SDKs are supported by NodeJS, Go, REST and Python.
        2. Sawtooth.  This has a consensus that supports a large dispersed group of validators. It uses the timer on your computer and uses less energy.  This is also supported by Burrow which allows you to link to the Ethereum VM and smart contract capability
        3. Indy.  This a blockchain for identity, where you need to prove something without giving out all your information, using ZKP. 
        4. Burrow.  This is a permissioned smart contract node that sits on the Ethereum network that allows the exchange of smart contract information.  It supports Sawtooth at the moment and will soon be extended to Fabric.
        5. Iroha. this is an interface for people to develop and build for mobile platforms through library and code support.  This is in incubation at the moment.
        6. Grid. This is a supply chain solution software development kit.
      2. Tools (39'20")
        1. Caliper.  This is a performance and scalability measurement tool.
        2. Cello.  Blockchain as a service.  Helps you create and manage your blockchain and lowers your operating costs
        3. Composer.  Makes it simple and fast to develop blockchain by making it easier to integrate into other platforms.
        4. Explorer.  Gives a view to your blocks and transactions and chaincode, channels that are open etc
        5. Quilt.  This provides interoperability between blockchains with atomic swaps.
        6. Ursa.  A code library that means you do not need to re-write a lot of code
  6. Final AOB
    1. Chair of next meeting.  Will is travelling on 16th April and will be unable to chair.  Bobbi volunteered to chair the 16th April meeting. 
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