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  • Caine Smith

  • Karen Ottoni

  • Alissa Worley--Accenture

    Koustav Biswas--SAP India

    Mikhail Elias--IT Infrastructure, health

    Allwyn--Chennai, India

    Chris Kong--Hong Kong Block Impact

    Nathan Anderson--ScanTrust

    Ricardo Garcia--ScanTrust

    Stephen Chiu--World Vision

    John Carpenter

    Justin Kahn

    Leonard Edwin--consultant healthcare identity



Discussion items

Introductions: Let's get to know each other and what we're working on in the 'blockchain for impact' world

 Admin and Operations: Karen will walk through some of our tools so that you know how to navigate Hyperledger resources


SIG Member Presentation: Nathan Anderson from ScanTrust will share his team's early stage supply chain project that is working to incorporate social impact into their solution.

LAC Chain: We may have someone the Inter-Development Bank join the call to share this new initiative to build a consortium in Latin America
(See announcement here)
Call for presentations: We'd like to learn more about your projects and are looking for 5-15 min presentations on what use cases are you involved in, how you selected that use case, how you approached it, show a demo, and/or what are the lessons learned so far. This is a great way to highlight what your organization is doing and get feedback from the community.

Events Coming Up: What blockchain events are you attending in the coming months that could be of interest to this group? Let’s capture and leverage!

Opportunity Matrix: We need your help! we discussed in the last call, please review, we are looking for volunteers to identify players, projects, and use cases in various topic areas. This is a great way to start to get involved and you don’t need to be an expert in a space to contribute – your interest and enthusiasm in a topic will add value.
Here is the document 
Getting Involved: What do you think the social impact space needs to better understand or implement blockchain? What would you like to do/contribute/propose we work on together?

Misc./Announcements: Share any comments, ideas, announcements

Action items