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  1. Welcome and opening remarks. - Reminder that the meeting is being recorded

    1. Reading of the Linux Foundation anti-trust policy

    2. Welcome to the first meeting and agenda overview

  2. Introductions - Since this is the first meeting, there are lots of people so please keep this brief!

    1. Your name & company

    2. Your geographical location

    3. One thing you hope to gain from the group

  3. Aims and Objectives for the group - Objectives for this group. Discussion

    1. What do we want this group to achieve? e.g. standards development, software development, co-authored papers 

    2. Draft Charter

      1. Volunteers to develop the Charter

  4. Goals for the first three months

    1. We meet on Zoom every two weeks

    2. We take a presentation from a member at each meeting

    3. We develop the Charter to reflect the Aims and Objectives

    4. We develop our Wiki into the resource that we would like to use

  5. Administration

    1. Membership directory

      1. Volunteer to administer the membership directory

      2. Times and dates of Future Meetings

        1. Proposal to hold future meetings at 17:00 UTC on the following dates;

          1. 22 January 2019

          2. 5 February 2019

          3. 19 February 2019

          4. 5 March 2019

          5. 19 March 2019

      3. Wiki

        1. Volunteers to develop the wiki (a leader plus contributors)

  6. Forward Agendas

    1. Requests for future agenda items

    2. Presentations from members

  7. Any other business

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