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List of ideas for how to incorporate DCI into the Global Forum Event and Diversity Happy Hour


  • In between speakers, have slides that highlight a DCI statistic, fact, image
    • Include survey link/QR code for completion between presenters
    • See virtual meeting .pdf for a few ideas. 
  • Interactive geography
  • Share DCI guidance with Planning Committee on how to select speaking proposals
  • Mentoring/1:1/Ambassador activity
  • Do a talk on "How to Foster a thriving Community" which will include best practices on DCI as a way to expand participation and contribution **Need to submit by 9/27!**

Happy Hour

  • On tables have cards that highlight a DCI statistic or fact, or a conversation topic that spurs discussion
  • Take a moment to speak on mic introducing this working group, what we focus on, and inviting participation, feedback, and ideas of how to support and expand DCI in the Hyperledger community. Share Accenture diversity video.
  • Have a corner with Accenture's AR/VR bias video
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  1. Last week I attended a big Sensors conference IDTechExpo in Santa Clara. There was a Women in Tech presentation that was awful. I thought to mention it here in hope we do not do this or anything close. There was a panel. The title should have been "Woe is Me". The first round was six smart women quickly noting serious credentials. Then, they each told a "He/They done me wrong" story that happened to them. We all know those stories and most of us have experienced them; however, it had no motivating, inclusive spirit to it whatsoever. This is not the first time that I attended a "Women in...." talk where a deficit model was presented as a tired country song. Can we develop Action Items for the audience to enlighten and inspire?