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  1. New members
    1. Christa Linka from Danish Church Aid (DCA) an NGO based in Copenhagen.  Main interest is in humanitarian cash transfers.
    2. Dragan Rakita from Serbian firm building an equity crowd funding and secondary market application
    3. Parm Sangha based in London

  2. Overview of the Special Interest Groups - Bobbi Muscara
    1. Bobbi is the chair of the learning materials working group, that supports the community documentation
    2. Bobbi stepped through the learning materials wiki.  Key points are;
      1. You need a linux foundation login to edit the pages.  There are instructions on how to set this up;
      2. You don't need to work for linux to get a login
      3. To join calls, each group has a "join call" page;
      4. This joins you on to the mailing list
      5. To edit a wiki page there are instructions here;
      6. The projects have resource pages where they list the work that needs to be done;
      7. Here is an example of how public sector are collaborating on a white paper;
      8. Here is an example of a white paper that has been completed by the Telecom group
    3. There is a full video of Bobbi's presentation on the front page 

  3. Marta Piekarska had an update from the Supply Chain SIG
    1. Supply chain group has met twice now and they are already broken into sub groups they have a pretty vibrant community if anyone wants to join
    2. There is a Capital Markets Group in the pipeline

  4. Parm asked how to start a Special Interest Group
    1. There are instructions on the Technical Steering Committee page on the Hyperledger wiki

  5. Vikram shared a one-click of Hyperledger fabric installation (its very cool!)

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