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Meeting Recording:



  • How to create an LFID and edit the Wiki–skipped to next call
  • Survey: Finalize proposed questions
  • Presentation: Matt Rosen, Founder and CEO of TraceRx ( will present TraceRx's software platform empowering development agencies to combat supply chain losses. TraceRx delivers end to end track and traceability across the entire supply chain from manufacturer to the last mile at a granular level with our proprietary app, innovative dashboard, the accessibility of cloud computing and security of blockchain.
  • Miscellaneous: Share any comments, ideas, announcements, upcoming events.

Meeting Notes

  • We reviewed the remaining survey questions and suggested the following changes:
    • Add to Survey Q8

      "Best practice compilation for knowledge sharing in the blockchain for social good community"

      "For the SIG to be the thought leader in this space - produce white papers etc
I’m here to further projects I’m personally working on"

  • TraceRx Presentation, Matt Rosen CEO
    • Problem in developing countries: corruption prevents development assistance from reaching final destination "fox auditing the hen house"
    • 30% of product lost due to theft of inventory or unauthorized inventory destruction
    • Solution: TraceRx platform Fully integrated blockchain based track and trace system empowers customers to engage their supply chain
    • Dashboard allows customers to communicate with anyone in field, in supply chain, no matter how remote. Metrics change visually and dynamically, can be macro order, sub shipment or individual items
    • Can be deployed in matter of minutes remotely, developed on Hyperledger Sawtooth
    • borrowed concept of smart wallets and assigned sovereign identity to every choke point in the supply chain whether person or thing, every asset that passes through in supply chain inventory has a discreet identity as well–sets up myriad of interactions
    • Create digital twin of physical assets
    • Maps entire supply chain and procedures with customers and provide simple engagement with operations
  • Upcoming Events

Action items

Leftover Action items from April 30th meeting