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Discussion items





5minAntitrust Policy
5minIntroduction from people new to the call 

Marco Carvalho introduced himself to the group


Discuss Work Products

  • Smart Contracts Taxonomy Categories
  • Smart Contracts Business and Use Cases
  • Smart Contract Language Review (WIP)
  • Contract Law 101 [DRAFT]

We Discussed with David and Marco a supply chain scenario to build

for the community. I mentioned Laura Spinaci who offered to spread

the word for a PoC among her mentees in case someone is interested

to help with the development process. I will inform her about the scenario

we discussed. Also, we created a web page in order to add a definition and

structure for the basic Smart Contract use cases we will include in our PoC.

Marco, David and I will start adding information the next days in order

to provide a template for developers to follow. I proposed to include also

HL Indy for registration and identity purposes on top of HL Fabric and HL

Sawtooth implementations. We will discuss further on rocket chat.

10minAny subject not on the agenda
There were no further subjects so we ended the meeting.

Audio Recordings