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Working Group Health

Working Group has been in operation for three quarters now.

Number of participants on calls is holding generally steady at around 12 per call, with variation. Last call had 22 participants. A sub-group has recently formed and is holding its own scheduled calls. The purpose is to draft a White Paper on Public Sector uses and dynamics.


Chair hopes to continue to improve the balance of group tasks distributed between Chair and membership. This has been shifting positively, but is still evolving.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Regular meetings have been held, no meetings have been missed. The chat channel still has low activity. The mailing list is still primarily used for Agendas as well as call follow up discussions.


Joining contributor: Mr. Bahodir Atahanov, Government of Uzebekistan.

Planned Work Products

  • White Paper subgroup
  • Continued build out of the Public Sector SIG wiki as a resource
  • Other projects as suggested by the membership.

The primary driver for participation remains peer learning.

Participant Diversity

The balance of Public Sector representatives, civil society, and private sector representatives is balancing out and improving to a fairly even level. Gender diversity is acceptable, with about a third of participants on a given call being female identified. Participants are joining from all around the world, both as presenters and as membership.

Additional Information

The Public Sector SIG is off to a good start this year. We anticipate a continued diverse range of presentations, and look forward to collaboration around our first work product - the White Paper. The SIG welcomes new members - both with an interest in the Public Sector, as well as looking for generalist members who seek out key community strengthening activities, such as documentation, communication, reporting, etc. Additional suggestions and nominations of presenters and use cases are welcome on an ongoing basis.