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(TODO: summary)

  • Assumption for Fabric consumers is “I just want to deploy a network, write some chaincode, and integrate with an app tier.”  Reality != assumption, and we need to course-correct.
  • Assumption is “kube native.”  (Ahoy!  The ship has sailed.)
  • 26+ different LABS initiatives with overlapping feature sets.  The fragmentation is a barrier to general adoption.  
  • State of the art for “cloud native” has evolved radically, like clockwork, every 18 months for the past decade.  Fabric has not kept up.
  • Learning curve for “Building applications with Fabric” is assumed to be: “Contributing to core Fabric.”  This is a major barrier to new adoption.
  • Learning curve for “Kube” is steep.  (Another barrier.) 
  • Fragmentation is extreme and unhealthy for the continued relevance of Fabric.  (Yet another barrier).

What needs to happen to Fabric to enable a "cloud native" process: 

The TF will identify key contributors, design patterns, standards, and technologies to guide Fabric towards "Cloud Native" outcomes: 

  • Encapsulate necessary but minimal value-add configuration tasks to Kubernetes Operators 
  • Define common formats and APIs to encourage interoperability and collaboration between competitive platforms. 
  • New new start development efforts take minutes, not weeks/months/years/never. 
  • applications Applications run equivalently in dev, test, dev, QA, staging, and production environments.  (local dev = hybrid = cloud) 
  • Applications applications run predictably, reliably, and with minimal intervention in production environments. 
  • corporate Corporate contributions are aligned for community collaboration, not parallel efforts, for competitive offerings.
  • Fabric ... Just works. 

Tasks to be Completed 


  • Author and publish TF recommendation guidelines, positioning, and best practices in a position paper, public forum, or manifesto.
  • Organize a HL Workshop(s) to promote best practices, TG recommendations, and provide community outreach/training.


Initial Participant List 

@Antoine Toulme  - splunk Splunk 

@Arnaud Le Hors  - IBM 

@Daniel Szegö - Hyperledger meetup organizer


@Sownak Roy  - Accenture 

Discord Channel 

TODO : - #cloud-native-fabric-task-force  ?