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Discussion items

3minAntitrust Policy

5minIntroduction from people new to the call All John, Sumit and Alexander introduced themselves.
30minDiscuss SCs Concept MapAll

We discussed some of the concepts, John proposed some additions for the Law branch which were added.

Sumit proposed some changes for IoT to be included along with AI. Sumit said he will add these changes later.

Alexander proposed that should be a way to distinguish Hyperledger from Ethereum Smart Contracts. Generally

if smart contracts on different platforms have many differeneces which affect the taxonomy then we should

find a way for this distinction.

20minDiscuss presentations about SCs for next meetingsAll

John offered to make a presentation of the Accord project he is working on. Sumit offered to contact with the

University of Nicosia to find out if they wish to participate, either with a presentation or genereally at the group.

Audio Recording