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Bevel (previously Blockchain Automation Framework) is a Hyperledger Accelerator for rapidly and consistently deploying production-ready DLT platforms.  Learn more in this short 7 minute video.


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You are welcome to get involved!

Hyperledger, as part of the  Linux Foundation, is an open source community and anyone who is interested is welcome to use the code, talk to others in the community and make contributions to this project.

Some useful links to get you started:

Let us make your contribution journey easier.

First become a user - deploy your DLT network using Hyperledger Bevel

Follow the Getting Started Links to deploy your first network.

The above pathway would help you to deploy a DLT/Blockchain network on a chosen cloud infrastructure using BAF.

Now that you have used it , you can have a look at a list of  "Good First Issues" and start contributing. We will be excited to see you contribute !!!!

Good First Issues

Take a look at the good first issues below or on our Github issue tracker.  If there is an issue you are interested in, simply comment on it so that a Maintainer can assign you to that task.

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How to Get Involved

This is an open source project and anyone is welcome to get involved and we will be happy to see you contribute.

1) Read our Contribution guide

2) Look through our Good First Issue list below

3) Choose an issue that you want to pick and comment on it so that a Maintainer can assign you to that task

4) Follow the Pull Request process and raise a PR

5) The code will be reviewed by our Maintainers and merged

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about using or contributing to the project, join our chat channel.  Feel free to introduce yourself and ask your questions at:

New to Hyperledger?  You'll need a Linux Foundation ID (LFID) to edit our wiki pages.  Here's how to get your LFID .

Do you want to use Bevel for clients ? Would you like to collaborate on the roadmap, architecture, automation or documentation to make it better, more useful ?

We will be excited to take your interest forward . Follow the Contact Us to connect with the current Maintainers of the project.