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  • Charter
    • Min to send final proposed changes to LF legal then to Governing board for final approval 
    • Discussion on dissemination of Governing board notes.
  • Landscape
    • Arun to make further adjustments to enlarge cards in 'Projects' tab in landscape
  • White paper
    • Taskforce members have two weeks to submit notes/edits/suggestions 
  • Task Force concludes having met goals 
    • Further steps possible on topics including:
      • Website improvements offering more dynamic content to help onboard newcomers to community
        • Business/membership
        • Technical/contributors
      • Increase transparency with Governing board
        • Proposed wiki page with public notes as possible solution
      • Additional resources to contributors
        • help "convince your boss" 

Action items

  •  Arun S M - continue work on horizontal card layoutfinal landscape punch list
  •  Helen Garneau - lock down charter for further edits until reconciledConclude Taskforce to TSC
  •  Emily Fisher - continue to draft Whitepaper - (any edits from group most appreciated)