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 Pam's Announcement - Like Joe last week, I have taken on a new role in IBM and will be unable to continue working on Blockchain going forward. We are looking for another member from our team to join these calls. In the meantime the calls can continue every week at the same time/same zoom url with you all.You can reach each other on Rocket Chat. Go to the Fabric docs and click the Rocket Chat icon:
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There is also the #documentation channel on Rocket Chat.

  1. Translation Campaign
    1. Blog : English blog
    2. Video resumes next week after weather improves in Austin
    3. After we publish would be good to share on our own channels
    4. Next step: Fabric meetup docs team in March to invite more community participation
    5. Oumar had a meetup in French - 2 new french contributors. Shows the power of meetups....
  2. Chris  - minikube create a channel demo
    1. Fabric v2.3 release!! doc
    2. Process for taking a channel creation from the new Fabric capabilities that do not require a system channel.
    3. I don't use the recommended folder structure - I have env variables that configure my pathing...  and parameters.
    4. install minikube on your local system
    5. I chose to deploy a new set of orderers
    6. You have to configure the orderer.yaml file.
    7. Notice the new Admin configuration section of the orderer.yaml
      1. Set the General.BootstrapMethod set to none.... etc.
      2. ?? Do we need to add Admin.TLS. RootCAs to the docs??? it is in the output of the orderer start command.
    8. Start the ordering node
      1. Grant - This k8s information is really needed in the docs -
      2. But we don't advocate one deployment scheme over another
    9. I have defined the peer orgs
    10. Changed k8s job to match the new configtxgen command.
    11. To be continued next week - 2nd half of the process from the docs
  3. Grant Steinfeld
    1. Starting with the Production network - overview
      1. took me to 18 different tabs in my browser.
      2. alot of TLDR
      3. Created a single page - to cut down verbosity - a Code pattern
      4. Wanted to deploy commerical paper into production
      5. ?? How many vms are required for all of this? need server pre-reqs - need node and binaries
      6. CONFUSING: Went to download binaries Fabric CA - but it was 1.4.9 I thought I was supposed to use release 2.3?
      7. Can I put org1 and org2 on the same VM ?