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  • 2021 SI-SIG Roadmap:
    • Reorganize the SI-SIG wikipage
      • How to get involved - add hyperlinks/change colors to subscribe to the mailing list
      • Update meeting information - to the new zoom link
      • Remove reference to GDrive - add to Archive section as we are using Wikipages
      • Charter - move to separate page and add link on the main page
      • Revisit the discussion at next meeting
    • Blogpost Series
    • Other Work Products
      • Sub-SIG Working Groups
        • There's interest in this. Will revisit post blog post series
      • Hackathon
      • Launching a SI-SIG project
    • Community Outreach
      • Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)
        • Alicia Noel to create a SI-SIG Linkedin group: Hyperledger Social Impact - Special Interest Group
        • Nancy Min Create a section in the SI-SIG wikipage on the University involvement in Hackathon: Social Impact HackathonHACKATHON 2021
        • Announce Hackathon project, looking for University partnerships/professor interests
    • Future Presentations: Does anyone have suggestions for future presentations?
    • Other ideas?
  •  Community Announcements