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In today's call Martin Wainstein shared this slide about a common architecture from his Climate Development System deck:

The idea (from bottom up) is:

  1. Business processes at the bottom
  2. Through DID credentials
  3. Store data on the ledger
  4. Which satisfy protocols and taxonomies
  5. Are made available through clients
  6. To a variety of applications that access them

In his deck is an application of this to solar financing.

One question is whether it's one ledger or a mix of different ledgers, permissioned and public.  The answer seems to depend on the application itself.  Sometimes a second ledger is just used as a payment processor, and sometimes applications will regularly interact with ledgers.

We then come again to the question of DID's and using Indy and Aries to manage identities.  Martin shared Trust Over IP primerRobin Klemens shared the TrustID project for identities with fabric. This is definitely a direction we want to move towards, after we get a proof of concept up and running.

This architecture will be used as a basis for working in the upcoming Open Climate Collabathon, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please speak up!

Finally we talked more about deployig the utility emissions channel to production.  We'll look into setting up a test deployment using the Azure blockchain as a service as well as see how to set up the configtx.yaml based on the one from fabric sample config for deploying a custom network using docker and kubernetes.  Initially we're just going to have a small, 2 node network with 2 organizations running it, each with a peer, orderer, and certificate authority (CA.)  The CA will generate certificates for all the users accessing that particular node. 

There's a lot more in the recorded video – it's too big to upload to this wiki so I put it on Youtube.  The demo in the video didn't work, so here's a link to a video of a working demo to show you what it all looks like.