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  • Governing board responsibilities
    • DCI is best realized through top down initiatives and support  
    • Engage The board to should create milestones and goals (establish baseline metrics)
    • Engage The board should engage contributing companies to fulfill diversity goals
      • Take stock of members D&I efforts and raise awareness of such efforts, and align at scale. 
    • Partnership for pipeline
      • Consider partnerships with Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) and organizations (e.g. Girls Who Code) aimed at increasing diversity pipeline. Partnerships could be centered around recruitment, engagement in hackathons, and training. 
  • TSC responsibilities
    • Experience communicated from Cloud Foundry indicates that pigeonholing DCI discussions to side channels is not effective, so we recommend regularly bringing topics, speakers and other DCI-related discussions to the TSC calls, the main established cross-community call with a critical mass of people already joining.  The exact format needs to be sorted out, but could involve a standing 30 minute item every other week or every other month.  That would give space for guest speakers and in depth discussions.  A separate DCI Work Group call would still make sense in order to coordinate the Speaker's Series and to identify other relevant topics to bring to the larger group.
    • Address survey feedback
      • Meeting times are difficult: e.g. Promote more asynchronous meetings
      • Difficulty finding agenda: e.g. Simplify the wiki UI or standardizing messaging in communications ahead of meetings.
  • Maintainer responsibilities
    • Training: Maintainers should be familiar with community development best practices 
    • Sponsorship / Coaching
      • In order to progress from contributor to maintainer it helps to have active coaching and sponsorship from existing maintainers. Maintainers should take an active role in developing their community including a pipeline of new maintainers.
    • Adopt inclusive terminology in coding standards
    • Staff responsibilities
      • We often know where there are roadblocks for contribution and what could be done to fix them.  For example, Tracy & Swetha gave a great talk at Hyperledger Global Forum that covered several tips, recommendations and suggestions.  It is not currently clear though who in the community should be responsible for making those improvements. We recommend a process where projects that want to be more inclusive can opt in to receive support from staff in auditing and updating their contribution infrastructure.  For example, with the support of staff, the Fabric documentation project recently mapped out and documented a process for how to start a translation project and within the space of a couple of months 4 new translation efforts were started.
    • Raise the profile of the diversity and inclusion focused efforts in the community:
      • DCI Messaging has been very visible at hyperledger events. The best practices established here should continue.
      • Incorporate DCI agenda directly into TSC Meetings (noted similarly above). 
    • Continue the Speaker's Series to drive engagement and bring in good ideas:
      • Various working groups have seen success with guest speakers in reinvigorating their communities. Similarly we see opportunity bringing in guest speakers to better engage the community. In particular recruiting diverse speakers to present on open source and technical topics should be of general interest to the community.
    • Update the CoC