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  • The project will be publicly available as an Hyperleder Lab (including but not limited to source code, class guides, LATEX files, and presentation files). 
  • Coordination with related  Hyperledger Internship programmes will be hold (Adding Network Fuzzing Capabilities to Hyperledger Umbra and Scaling Experiments with Hyperledger Umbra) so that the outcome of this internship can benefit from up-to-date efforts regarding Umbra.
  • Quarter basis review according to the Hyperledger Internship Programme schedule
  • Internal communication and updates:
    • Rocket Chat/Email for communication
    • Weekly meeting for project discussion

Future Work:

  • Fix issues from the repository (which correspond to complete the course)
  • Add Lab 8 on Umbra

Extra (If time allows):

  • Provide theoretical classes materials that support the laboratory classes.
  • Provide a diagnosis evaluation
  • Formative evaluation quizzes, e.g., for labs 4, 7, and 9.