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The Hyperledger Africa Chapter aims to showcase the broad range of Hyperledger projects and initiatives to the African audience.

This Chapter is responsible for:

  1. Growing the Hyperledger community in Africa,
  2. Promoting contributions to (global) Hyperledger projects, and
  3. Providing a platform for:
    1. Regional (Pan-African) collaboration,
    2. International (Global) collaboration,
    3. Technical Capacity Development, and
    4. Support for enterprise blockchain projects.


Our goals are to:

  • Help promote the adoption of Hyperledger projects across the 54 countries represented on the African continent.
  • Grow the Hyperledger user and developer community in Africa.
  • Promote contributions from African members back to any of the (global) Hyperledger projects.
  • Provide a credible platform for (product and technical) guidance and support.
  • Facilitate intra- and inter-continental collaboration on any of the Hyperledger projects and initiatives.


The anticipated activities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Maintaining an active and vibrant network of members across all 54 African countries, from which global ambassadors, mentors and other blockchain leaders can emerge.
  • Organizing technical events (including but not limited to hackathons, meetups, as well as education and training sessions).

  • Organizing business and industry meetups and exchanges to promote cross-pollination of ideas and best practices.

The following weekly meetings are conducted under the auspices of the India Chapter (updated times and other details can be found on the Hyperledger Calendar) :

  • Hyperledger Africa Monthly Meetup - proposed 2nd Thursday of every Month
  • Hyperledger Quarterly Hackathon - proposed 1st weekend of every Quarter

Virtual Format

Due to the prevalent circumstances surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, all activities are currently being conducted virtually for the foreseeable future. If and when this will change, such information will be adequate communicated with sufficient time consideration.

Chapter Leads

Regional Leads

The leads of this Chapter are:

  • Idowu Akinde - representing West Africa
  • Adulu Miller - representing East Africa
  • Joubert Cilliers - representing Southern Africa, and
  • Mouad Misrar - representing North Africa

Member List


Contact/Email/RocketChat handle

Brief Introduction


State / Area

Idowu AkindeRocketChat: @idowuakinde
Twitter: @idowuakinde

Adulu MillerRocket Chat: --
Email: --

Oumar FALL

Rocket Chat: @knibals
Twitter: @knibals

Joubert Cilliers


Twitter: @DJoubertC

South AfricaCape Town
Ronnie Kimbugwe



Existing Content Before 15SEP2020


Community space for organizers of the joint Hyperledger Africa virtual meetups

Backlog of topics

  • The "Build Your First Network" series:
    • Hyperledger Fabric => Build Your First Network
    • Hyperledger Sawtooth => Build Your First Network
    • Hyperledger Indy => Build Your First Network
    • ... (any other?)
  • The "Hyperledger Use Case Highlight" series:
    • Hyperledger in the Financial Services Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Mining Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Property Management Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Automobile Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Entertainment Industry
    • ... (any other?)
  • Identity (HL Indy Ursa)
  • HLF Developer Sessions (independent from meetups, bi-weekly ~ 1h)
  • HLS (Hyperledger Sawtooth)
  • HL in >> insert industry <<
    • Financial Services Industry:
      • Banking (Know Your Customer, Cross-Border Payments)
      • Insurance (Instant Claims Processing)
    • Mining Industry (Supply Chain, Provenance)
    • Logistics Industry (Supply Chain)
    • Property Management (Asset History)
    • Automobile Industry (Vehicle History)
    • Pharmaceutical Industry (Provenance / Traceability)
    • Entertainment Industry (Intellectual Property Rights)
    • ...

Useful resources

Discord Community

Meetup Organizer's Guide

Presentations for Meetups

Get Involved

Participation in this group is open to anyone who is interested, and all are not only welcome to participate, but actively encouraged to contribute.

To get involved with the Hyperledger Africa Chapter, please feel free to join the discussion on these channels and meetings: