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DayTimeKiosk #Title for Printed SignPoint of Contact/ emailSpecial needs?
1Mar 310:30
EA SIG: Building Education Architecture for Learners of All AgesNone
2Mar 310:45
Identity Working Group: Solving the Problem of Digital Trust
3Mar 33:30
Public Sector SIG: Leverage Hyperledger Solutions  Jim Mason  Bobbi Muscara
4Mar 33:45
Supply Chain SIG: Securing the Last MileBen Taylor
5Mar 410:30
Capital Markets SIG: Securitization, Trading, Settlement, and Secondary Markets.

7Mar 410:45
Learning Materials WG: Spread the Word
8Mar 43:30
Healthcare SIG: Fabric and Sawtooth POCJohn Walker
9Mar 43:45
Telecom SIG: Intercarrier SettlementMathews Thomas
10Mar 510:30101CHealthcare SIG: Fabric and Sawtooth POCJohn Walker
11Mar 510:45101CSocial Impact SIG: Leveraging blockchain technology for a greater social impact
12Mar 54:00101CClimate Action & Accounting SIG: Sawtooth, Iroha and other POCsMartin Wainstein
13Mar 54:15101CSupply Chain SIG: A Universal Need and 1 Company's ApproachComputer Connection for Demo