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  1. Release status: Pam
    1. Date for V2.0 beta is Mon 16th December
    2. Chaincode launcher doc not quite ready yet, PR close
    3. Upgrade docs coming along nicely, under review, not tested yet. Will be merged into main docs when tested.
    4. Will be shipping 2.0 SDKs and smart contract chaincode
    5. Other tools will be updated
  2. Java chaincode tutorial: Mathew
    1. Javadocs don't currently have tutorials
    2. JSDocs better but would belong better in RTD
    3. Matthew showed Java smart contract quickstart in RTD, using local build
    4. List of tutorials is long - discussion on grouping in TOC
    5. Application, smart contract, ledger and network categories
    6. Jim on standardizing tutorials using tutorial objectives and assumptions per new Java quick start tutorial
      1. Will help as Fabric grows, keep users up to date
      2. Helps users assess quickly whether they want to try out tutorial
    7. From teaching perspective, helps learning exercise
    8. Chris observation on Fabric goal to make ubiquitous – use SDKs
      1. A little care required with quick start tutorials – leads to "getting started" mentality. 
      2. Need also to think about production mentality.
      3. Tutorial Assumptions wrt skill set is very important for more advanced users
        1. There is a need for more production examples/material
    9. Chris on Tutorial structure:
      1. Some topics have links into SDK, e.g. Getting Started topic
        1. this should have links to e.g. Java SDK
      2. Suggestion to link backward from Java SDK back to RTD
    10. Pam: observation on relationship to BYFN discussion
      1. Test network for getting started
      2. Also guide for Day 2 operations
    11. Is it possible to use the same network for different turotials
  3. New Test network (BYFN replacement): Nik
    1. Clone and test from 2.0 Master - uses the latest code
    2. (See video for demo by Nik)
    3. More modular approach to building a network
    4. Scripts are separated out into separate concerns, e.g. create peer, create channel, join channel etc...e
    5. Deploy smart contract from commands
    6. Uses new lifecycle in V2.0
    7. Intention is build a test network, rather than a production network
    8. Would it be useful to run create channel command to print commands to console?
      1. generate bare bones of command sequence
    9. Two PRs for this work
      1. FAB-17145 Test network to Samples
      2. FAB-17199 Add new test network tutorial
    10. BYFN name changed to "Test network"
      1. Emphasis on trying it again as it's improved so much
      2. Current example doesn't help with certification
      3. New test network makes it much simpler
      4. Chris emphasis on taking exam for 2.0 - this is a key example
    11. Co-exist with BYFN for a little while, then remove old BYFN in time
    12. Uses new package format, leveraging new doc material
    13. Discussion on certification exam: RTD is the only website allowed
    14. Deprecation of docs discussed
    15. Align with Linux Foundation certification
  4. New process for merging documentation changes into Github: Pam
    1. Change how docs gets merged into RTD
    2. (See video  for full walkthrough)
    3. Goals outlined
      1. Encourage contribution
      2. Easier to make small changes
      3. Simplicity
      4. Additional languages
    4. Fabric docs stay in existing repo
    5. Maintainers are augemnted augmented by doc reviewers and doc approvers
    6. PRs for doc-only updates can be merged by Doc approvers
    7. Only requires +1 by non-doc approver
    8. Need multiple Doc approvers  –  approvers
  5. Deferred: Fabric 2.0 Upgrade process docs: Joe
  6. Deferred: MSP Key Concept updates: Pam